Full range of cabling installation and ethernet cabling

Procom offers a full range of cabling, from ethernet to wireless applications. We have the experience and comprehensive knowledge in the designing and installation of voice and data networks.

Ethernet Cabling

Enthernet cabling can be an instrusive job. While it may feel that major construction will be required, our team of professionals will install your ethernet cabling without any major additional costs. We are professionally trained to install your cable through your existing structure. Whether you are looking for voice or data cable installation, we are qualified to meet your needs.

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Wirless Networks

Wireless networks provide the ability to have access from all areas at all times. Moving from office to office within your building is more productive when your team is always online and ready to react. Setting up the proper wireless network is not as easy as one would think, so partnering with highly trained professionals will ensure your system is full accessible, tailored for your business, and an investment in productivity.

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Network Cabling & Data Cabling

Network cabling can be one of the more complicated parts of building a high functioning IT infrastructure. Our highly trained team can save you lots of trouble and headache when it comes to untangling what can sometimes be an intricate mess. Having a network team from Procom can ensure the seamless operation of your IT systems company wide. A successful network begins with successful cabling connections. We offer you a competitive advantage and a collaborative partnership with a proactive, motivated team.

Benefits of using a network cabling installation professional

This insures that you will get maximum bandwidth and performance from your ethernet network. Your network is only as good as your weakest link. While you may have purchased the best network cable, it does not mean it will be efficient. A professionally trained installer will ensure that it is set optimally for peak performance.

Wireless Network Installation

Wireless network installation can provide your company the mobility it needs to increase productivity and competitiveness in today's constantly moving business world. Our hightly trained team is able to install a system that will allow you to avoid the tangled mess of cables and provide a system for your business that allows you to keep your business going.

Professionally installed wireless networks for your business

Procom installs your wireless network, tests, and certifies its operation. Upon completion, the installation will be documented for your IT department for future reference.